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Chapter 1: The Twelve Sisters No Prince Wants to Date
OK, gals here’s the deal.  There are 12 types of women who will send even the sweetest prince running far, far away! One of these women is the Dramatic Sister.  Pick up the book to find out who the other 11 are, how to identify your own nasty little dating moles and better yet, learn why nipping these bad habits in the bud will lead you to your prince.    


Chapter 2: Throw Out the Proverbial Bridal Binder!
Are you the gal who knew her wedding colors at the age of 16? Have you already picked out your dress despite the fact that can't even get a date to your cousins Bat Mitzvah? If you are wasting your time daydreaming about your future registry, I've got quite a reality check for you. So sit back, pour yourself a tall glass of chill-the-heck-out and read up on how to kick the matrimonial obsession once and for all!

Chapter 2 will discuss:
How to really find your "Happily Ever After"

How to live with R.F.E.D (Ring Finger Erectile Dysfunction)

Why racing to the altar will give you emotional shin splints!

Ways to get to know yourself first (and why you need to)

What you really need to be looking for (hint: It's not a husband)

Get Real: Why Getting Married is No Fairy Tale

How to undo the obsession and change your situation once and for all—and much, much more!


Chapter 3: Don't Shove Your Feet into Slippers That Don't Fit
Have you ever stayed with a guy because you wanted it to work out? Have you ever ignored your intuition and that little twist in your gut that told you he was not right for you just to continue the relationship? What about that time you pretended to be someone you weren’t to live up to his ideal? Chapter three is going to explain why wearing slippers that don’t fit wastes time and breaks your heart and best of all, you’ll learn how to avoid doing it again!

Get to Know What It Is That You Want Before You Go Shoe Shopping

Understand why It's OK That Most Slippers Won't Fit You (And Why Many Will!)

Learn Why Timing is everything, why A Guy's ‘A-Ha!’ Moment Is Essential, why Even Princes Need To Be Randy Royals Sometimes and much more!


Chapter 4: The Joy of Walking Barefoot
It’s time you stop waiting for a man to swoop in and whitewash your life into the fantasy you want it to be! The fact is your life has significance regardless of your romantic status.  Don't believe me?  Read Chapter 4 to find out:

Why Being Single Can Be Magical

How To Stop Reminding Yourself To Be Miserable!

Some Real World Ways to Weave A Little Magic into Your Single Life

5 Things Every Gal needs To Enjoy Before She Commits!


Chapter 5: Having a Ball in the World of Dating
If you think dating is a gut wrenching chore you have to endure, you've got it all wrong! You are just taking the wrong approach.  This chapter will explain everything from the True Definition of a Date-it's not what you think-to over a dozen common mistakes we gals make in the world of dating.   You’ll learn how to hem your habits and enjoy the saucy dance known as the date.   It’s time to put your best foot forward and get him to call you again. Chapter 5 will show you how!


Chapter 6: The Lies We Speak into the Mirror
It’s time we address the common lies we ladies tell ourselves (and each other) about men, relationships, our behavior and one another. Are you ready to learn why playing games is for children and why overanalyzing and showing up at his place unannounced to "talk" is cause for him to label you "crazy”? Are you ready to accept full responsibility for your actions and stop analyzing men once and for all?

wallowing the truth is not easy but don't worry, you're not alone—we all have some things to work on! Let’s do it together!


Chapter 7: One-Night Stands (and Other Bad Potions)
Want to know what a man really thinks about sex on the first date? Care to know why he took your number and didn't call? Are you ready to find out all of the terrible things you do to ruin your chances with the good guys (You'll be shocked!)  You're about to find out What He Thinks When You Dial Him Drunk, Call Too Often, Get Too Chummy with His Friends, Come on Too Strong and Much, and Much More!


Chapter 8: The Curse of Verbal Diarrhea
OK, gals, it’s time you knew the awful truth: We often provide TMI (Too Much Information) on our dates. You think you are making conversation but in reality you are making a complete fool out of yourself.   Don't worry, you're about to find out everything there is to know about Verbal Diarrhea and, best of all, you'll learn how to  avoid Verbal Gas Spells Such As: How Many Toads You Have Kissed, Your Diet , Celebrity Gossip and many others!


Chapter 9: Guaranteed Ways to Send Him Far, Far Away
If you are having trouble keeping your princes and suitors around, Chapter 9 was written especially for you.   We'll discuss the Six-Month Purgatory period and how he feels about everything from your jealousy to your inability to stay out of his email account (don't kid yourself, he knows and he doesn't like it).

You'll also learn the traits every prince is looking for in a girlfriend


Chapter 10: The Lads Holding You Back and the Toads Who Have to Go
Not every guy is a prince, but some are just reptiles who don't deserve your time or attention!  Find out who these slimy toads are, how to identify them and why focusing on these losers is a surefire way to keep you from finding your prince! 

This chapter profiles Lads and Toads every maiden must avoid and explains how freeing yourself from a bad guy will send you soaring towards your prince!


Chapter 11: How and Where to Bag Your Royal
Want to know where to find a sexy banker? Dying to meet a Ben Affleck type?  Whoever it is that you fancy, this chapter will tell you where to find them, how to approach them and offers real suggestions on how to flirt with him and spark  his interest!


Chapter 12: Real Royals Answer Questions for You
Want to know what men are thinking after sex? Do they all cheat? Do they have to like a woman to sleep with her?  What really happens at bachelor parties?  Do they want a woman like their mother?    Nearly 1,000 men from all walks of life and parts of the world were interviewed exclusively for Cinderella Was A Liar!  In this chapter men addresses tons of questions asked by real women--but be warned!  Some of the answers will shock you!

And a special surprise for readers at the end!

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