...and create your own "Happily Ever After" 

Once upon a time, you were told a story that guaranteed you a life of love, security and marriage to a fantastic man in exchange for being a great girl with a pure heart.

Then you grew up!

After kissing more than your fair share of toads, you have found that Prince Charming is an elusive soul--if he even exists.

Though your great aunt's and grandmother tell you about the days when young ladies met gentlemen, exchanged numbers, met for dates that included food, dancing and conversations that required a voice box, these days you're more likely to meet a guy who will text you to "hang out" and misspell the word "you" in the process.

The bottom line: No matter how beautiful your blowout or how kick-ass your personality, most of the time, Mr. Charming does not pay you a visit by climbing up your balcony.

Hell, he doesn’t even call.

If you have ever sat in front of the television on a Friday night wondering, “Where is my ‘Happily ever after’?” It’s time you knew the truth:


In her tale of easy-breezy love, she omitted the realities and misled every woman who ever heard her story by giving them unrealistic expectations and a flawed blueprint.

This fact is not pleasant but it leaves you with two options:

1. You can sit there and whine about the cuts caused by your broken glass slipper, or

2. You can change out of your damsel-in-distress garb and move past the fairy tale.

(Hint: Choose #2!)

Cinderella Was a Liar isn’t going to bash your single status, patronize you with “diva” references or promise to find you a husband in 30 days or less (uh...)

Instead, it will lay out the ways accountability, self-respect and a wee bit of patience can change the way you relate to others in the world (and transform your dating life in the process). Readers will walk away with the understanding that their life has significance--regardless of their romantic status.

With real-world insights (that actually make sense) Cinderella Was a Liaer explodes the fairy-tale myths that make us miserable and spill the secrets shared by nearly 1,000 men. Want to know what makes a date great? Yes. Interested in knowing why they cheat? Sure, you do. Want to understand what sends them running far, far away? Of course.

Once you arm yourself with this knowledge, you will finally discover what’s keeping you from being your best self and living your best life. You’ll understand just how loving yourself will help you find -and keep- the love you deserve.

Pour yourself a glass of wine (or a cup of tea) and open the book because you’re about to learn the following:

  • The Twelve Sisters No Prince Wants to Date
  • How Dating Yourself Will Increase Your Chances of Meeting a Great Man
  • Why Sleeping with Him Too Soon is The Ultimate Relationship Killer
  • The traits men Men try to Avoid at All Costs
  • How an Obsession with Marriage keeps you single (and how to drop it!)
  • The Toads You Need to Cut Loose Right Now!
  • The Lies We tell ourselves
  • Why He’s Not Calling (and What You Should Do About It)
  • How to Accept That Your Life Has Meaning, Regardless of Your Romantic Status
  • What Nearly 1,000 Men Confessed about Love, Cheating, Romance, Dating, Marriage and What Really Happens on Bachelor Parties.
…and Much, Much More!


Tips for the Gals: How to get a second date with a good guy:

You met a great guy, excitedly exchanged numbers and now he's called to ask you out! Congrats! Heed the following tips to ensure he has every reason to call again.

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The Cinderella Was a Liar Quiz :

Ok, so we know every guy you have met isn't going to be Prince Charming, but the only thing you are going to get from kissing toads is a bad case of warts (ew!)  Take the quiz to find out if you're current guy is a Royal Babe or just a Reptile.

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