Ok, so we know every guy you have met isn't going to be Prince Charming, but the only thing you are going to get from kissing toads is a bad case of warts (ew!) Take the quiz to find out if you're current guy is a Royal Babe or just a Reptile.

We have been dating for 4 Months , I know:

A. Where I stand, how he feels about me and in what direction we are moving.

B. That while he cares for me a lot, he is not 100% ready to commit just yet.

C. That he prefers Pinot Noir and woman-on-top over Merlot and missionary

When it comes to his Ex, I know:

A. That she was a nice person but he says things just didn't work out.

B. That she left him heartbroken and they still chat occasionally-ok, on a weekly basis.

C. That she was a total bitch who screwed him over which is why he puts pins in the photo he has of her by his bed in order to gain "closure."

He Makes Me Feel:

A. Confident, beautiful and appreciated. He encourages my dreams and tells me I am gorgeous even with a few extra pounds and morning dragon breath.

B. A bit uneasy but also very happy at times. He sometimes tells me things I should or could be doing better but he also showers me with compliments. Depends on the day.

C. Disposable. He zones out, forgets things I have told him or tells me to "suck it up" whenever I come to him with a problem.

His Mother:

A. Calls him to remind him to call his father on Father's Day and to send his Aunt Matilda a thank you card for the nice sweater she sent him.

B. Calls him monthly to catch up and remind him of what bills he needs to pay and tell him about the nice girl she met in the grocery store who now has his number

C. Has a key to his place which she uses to come over and drop off groceries, his dry cleaning-and condoms.

When we get into an argument, he:

A. Allows me to speak without being interrupted and works to find a resolution we both are comfortable with.

B. Has blown up a few times but always apologizes.

C. Gets totally irrational, loud and bullying—he's right and he's going to attack you until you agree with him, damn it.

You have been dating 6 months when your birthday comes around, he:

A. Sends flowers to your office and makes reservations at your favorite restaurant.

B. He responds to your birthday Evite and buys you several rounds of your favorite drink.

C. He calls you to wish you a "Happy B-day" and gives you some lame excuse as to why he can't be there.

When it comes to his job, he:

A. Is all about work when there but when he's not, he's into playing with you.

B. Is very committed to the lifestyle it offers him so he puts in extra hours a lot-physically and mentally.

C. Hates it and takes it out on you by being brooding, silent, whiney or moody a lot.

If I were to describe his social personality, I would say he is:

A. Very enjoyable to be around; he's not happy all of the time, but he's positive, friendly and respectful.

B. A bit aloof and sometimes he can say things that embarrass you but overall, he's an easygoing guy.

C. Sarcastic and disagreeable a lot—he likes to create controversy for the sake of getting a rise out of people.

When we spend a lot of time together, I have noticed I feel very:

A. Relaxed. He brings out the best in me and time just flies!

B. We laugh, chill, talk and really enjoy hanging out. A little drained but spending too much time with anyone takes a lot out of you.

C. Anxious and frustrated-I sometimes feel like I am walking on eggshells or that everything I say or do is being judged.

His Friends:

A. Are a solid group of guys that he has known forever. They get together for drinks and poker night every now and then but mostly we all hang out in a big group, which is great because I get on with them and their girlfriends very well.

B. Are a hodgepodge of random guys he deems as his "bro's." They love boy's weekends in Vegas, Miami or any "shore" and if any of them have a bachelor party on your anniversary weekend, you are pretty sure you'd lose.

C. Know very little about me, he keeps his circles separate.

Which statement best describes how much you trust him?

A. Thus far there have been no indications that I can't trust him. He is very honest with his friends and family as well, it makes me feel very safe.

B. There have been a few times when I have noticed small inconsistencies in his stories like when I asked him how many girls he dated before me, but nothing huge.

C. I once went out and had a girl tell me "I met you in Vegas at Mike's bachelor party!" I was not in Vegas-I was at home--watching his dogs.

My Friends:

A. Have met him, love him and tell me how lucky I am all of the time.

B. Think he's funny, nice and cute. They are happy if I am happy.

C. Cannot stand him. In fact, a couple of them have refused to go out with me if I am with him.


You've Met One of Your Princes!

Please tell us where in the heck you met this guy and when we can send the cloning scientists over! A total royal, this man respects you, his word, and the relationship—three traits that make you feel cared for, grounded and secure. You don't have to spend your Sunday mornings analyzing him over brunch with your girlfriends because he's upfront with his feelings (a sign he has empathy and a strong moral fiber). The fact that he is able to put his ego aside and compromise shows that he truly cares about your feelings and bettering the relationship. Be sure not to take him for granted or mistake his kindness for weakness and always try and reciprocate his efforts! He's the real deal-Congrats!

He's a Suitor -but how suitable is he?

He's not perfect (and that's OK) but you have to ask yourself an important question. Is he transitioning from his single life into a relationship with you or are you simply standing in the second spot (behind his mother/friends/ex) waiting for him to bring you to the forefront of his life? Being in a relationship means allowing for an equal partnership which encourages individuality but also respects the fact that we have now chosen to think about and respect someone else as we do ourselves. How can you build trust and strengthen bonds when you are wondering where you stand? Have a chat with him and tell him you're ready to move forward. His reaction will let you know if it's time to move on.

You've found a royal alright! A Royal Disaster!

This guy is 100% TOAD. Self-centered, arrogant and totally disrespectful, he leaves you feeling more frustrated than fabulous which is something no maiden deserves. These are the guys who call you late night for booty calls; make excuses as to why they have to let you down (again!) and who do not value your time, feelings or emotional investment in them. Whatever the reason he's in this situation (I call it a situation because it's certainly not a relationship) he's not there because he cares about you. You'd fare better alone. Cut the strings that are stringing you along and remember that if you are busy analyzing him- he's not thinking about you.

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Ok, so we know every guy you have met isn't going to be Prince Charming, but the only thing you are going to get from kissing toads is a bad case of warts (ew!)  Take the quiz to find out if you're current guy is a Royal Babe or just a Reptile.

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