"Cinderella Was A Liar is witty, fun and offers practical advice on how to snag your Prince Charming."  - Lisa Dailey, author of Stop Getting Dumped

"Clever and candid, Cinderella Was a Liar sheds new light on the delicate dance [called] dating. Invaluable advice delivered with a dose of humor." - Sharyn Wolf, author of Guerrilla Dating Tactics

"WARNING: Reading this book could be hazardous to your status as a single woman...Change your romance status - almost instantly." - Vance DeGeneres, producer, comedian and former star of The Daily Show

"Top relationship expert, Brenda Della Casa,reveals the lies we girls tell  ourselves ... Can you handle the truth?,” The Sun, UK

"Cinderella Was a Liar is in Our "It" Bag… Brenda Della Casa is unique, independent and simply spectacular,"

"There is a lot of really useful information here…Della Casa does advocate change, but it's more about improving behaviour rather than denying my core self," The Toronto Star, Canada

"This book is just brilliant! I loved every bit of it!" Naamua Delaney, Host of iVillageLive!

Cosy up with a'll soon have plenty of dating advice to help your

search for Mr. Right,” Heaven Magazine, UK

"I loved "Cinderella Was A Liar" because it's full of great advice. Ms. Della Casa starts off with a bang, describing the twelve ugly stepsisters that no man wants to date. I identified with two of these characters and made mental notes to make some improvements. There's some good stuff in here: "throw out the proverbial bridal binder," and "one night stands (and other bad potions)." She talks the mistakes we've all made, and even tells of some of her own heartbreak. The best part is the last chapter, where hundreds of real guys answer dating questions honestly. Reading their answers was like being a fly on the wall in a mens'locker room. Everybody can learn something from "Cinderella Was a Liar" and I highly recommend it," Julie Stone, Trailer Spy.

“Everybody can learn something from "Cinderella Was A Liar" and I highly recommend it,” review

"This is a FANTASTIC BOOK!!! Its humorous, its smart, charming, witty, and quite frankly ladies, honest. I have recommended this book to all of my female friends and have bought several copies for them. Great read!!!" Sonya Funna, Reader

"Then again... you see all those happy couples walking around and you think there's a place for romance in the world after all. But does Mr. Right exist? Author Brenda Della Casa will help you find out in "Cinderella Was a Liar," Capital City Weekly.

"I Loved this book, really." Live Love Blog

"This book changed how I treated myself and demanded others treat me. It's a must for any woman interested in changing her life and her relationships for the better," Lisa Duncan, Reader

"Cinderella was a Liar is a delightful and comical piece that really makes you go, "that is so me, or that is so true". The book uses humor and real life experiences to teach some single gals new tricks on dating. Highly recommend this book as the style is unique to the market and many of the unsaid's are finally said!" Jennifer Smolen, "The Book Worm"

"Hysterical," Eloisa James and Julia Quinn

“I LOVED reading Cinderella Was a Liar!!!! Tons of great advice & fun to read,” review

"In Cinderella Was A Liar, Della Casa not only pinpoints 12 Prince-repelling stepsisters, she also offers a few clues as to why you might be acting the way you are, and the little behavior changes that can make a big difference to your happily ever after…Bottom line? This dating book is a charmer," Lava Life Review (Top US Dating Site)

 “I identified with two of these characters and made mental notes to make some improvements," review

 "I'm a guy, and I'm not the target audience for this book and I thoroughly enjoyed Cinderella Was a Liar by Brenda Della Casa. She skewers the "Prince Charming" myth and dishes out some great advice on how to attract a decent guy. And those of both genders could benefit from her suggestions on becoming comfortable with yourself first before you try and attract a potential mate… And if you're a guy reading this, much of the advice is just as applicable. The focus is a bit different, in that we're not looking for someone to take us away and provide for our every need (or at least we shouldn't be). But learning to have your own interests, as well as looking at dating as a way to find out what you do and don't like is a great idea. You can also work on your own bad dating habits so that you don't scare off your Cindy when you do meet her... Great advice and a lot of humor mixed in here. I had a lot of fun reading this one," Thomas Duffbert, Reader, Popular Online Book Reviewer

“The book uses humor and real life experiences to teach some single gals new tricks on dating,” review

“For heaven’s sake, ladies, read this book, if not for yourselves, for every guy who wants to date you,” Justin Langdon, Reader

"This book helps to quickly identify who you appear to be, for better or worse, and how to work on yourself, and understand how your tone, or delivery, or even facial expressions, can paint a totally different picture than what you really feel. It teaches the reader how to hone these skills, where what you feel inside, can match what's going on outside. A must for any woman in the dating world. You MUST LEARN how you are being perceived. The best intentions in the world, can be lost with the wrong delivery. We all know that. Get this book, you won't regret it," Marc Dare, Reader

“This is a FANTASTIC BOOK!!! Its humerous, its smart, charming, witty, and quite frankly ladies, honest,” review.

 Cinderella, apparently, was a liar. Or so says Brenda Della Casa in Cinderella Was a Liar who advocates that you "don't shove your feet into slippers that don't fit," and goes on to talk about "how and where to bag your royal" and the "toads who have to go…" The Hindu

"This is a great book for teenage girls. It stresses the good qualities of waiting to have sex. It tells how even boys that were interviewed admitted to really using the girls who give "it" up to too easily. But those same boys don't want to have the girls that they think are too easy for girlfriends. Since the boys know that if a girl gives in for them, she probably has done it in the past with others. I think we all want our daughters to know this, but somehow they don't believe it when it comes from us. Thanks!" Barbara J. Mazzatenta, Reader

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