Brenda Della Casa is the internationally-published author of Cinderella Was a Liar (McGraw-Hill), The Director of Online Content for Preston Bailey Designs and the Managing Partner and Editor of the US side of the #1 Men’s Wedding Website, I Am Staggered USA, LLC. She is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post.

For over a decade, Brenda has been writing features, slide-shows and blogs for some of the most respected publications and brands in the world. These include: The White House, Redbook, Glamour, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, The Sun, iVillage,com, YourTango, Shortlist and many others. She spent a year interviewing nearly 1,000 men and 500 women for Cinderella Was a Liar which has been published in over 10 languages to date.

Internationally-known as a lifestyle, wedding and relationship expert, her advice has been featured in hundreds of publications, including: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Redbook, Psychologies, The, Men's Health, Hallmark, FHM,,, Basil & Spice,, Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog,, Look,, Scarlet,, Woman's Day, Cosmo Bride, The Mirror, The Sun, The NY Daily News, Health and Fitness, Fabulous, For Me, Company, Seventeen, Bliss, New Woman and others.

A lively and articulate guest, she has been seen onThe Today Show, iVillageLive!, The Jane Greer Show and numerous other television and radio programs.

In addition to her career as a writer, Brenda served as a casting professional for dozens of well-known reality shows (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Rock of Love, Hell's Kitchen, Flavor of Love, elimiDate, The 5th Wheel, Perfect Match and others).

She is a graduate of The American University in Washington, D.C. school of Journalism and was a P.O.T.U.S-appointed Intern for President William Jefferson Clinton, working in the press and communications office.

Brenda currently lives, writes and laughs (a lot) in New York City. Her beloved (and opinionated) chihuahua, Tony Che Montana, is usually nearby.

Other Projects:

Contributing author of Look At My Striped Shirt: Confessions Of The People You Love To Hate (Random House).

Featured Member for Divalicious

Creator of's popular La Dolce Vita blog and the Dear Luv Lady for

Columnist for Divorce360 and Start Your Business Magazine.

Cinderella Was a Liar: 10 languages, 12 countries.

Staggered: 90,000 Monthly.

Walking Barefoot: Readers in 157 Countries


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Questions for Brenda:

Where Can I See Some of Your Clips?

To read some of Brenda’s article’s and columns, please click here

Dear Brenda, What's The Latest?

Interested in seeing where Brenda and Cinderella Was a Liar are being mentioned in the press or find out what Brenda is working on? Click here.

Will You Give Me a Blurb For My Book or Website?

Email Brenda at with information. No unpublished manuscripts can be accepted, I am sorry.

Where Can I Get an Autographed Copy of Cinderella Was a Liar?

Email Brenda

What is the Most Popular Piece You Have Written?

In April of 2001, Brenda wrote an essay based on herself and eight friends called “Twenty-Something; Quarter Life Crisis” and submitted it to Play Magazine in Washington, DC. Since being published, the piece has been posted on 25,000 sites, published in international newspapers and inspired a music album. She even got it as an email forward once.

Have You Ever Interviewed Any Celebrities?

Gilles Marini, Suze Orman, Chris Lemmon, Robert Shapiro and Vance DeGeneres are a few of the celebrities Brenda has interviewed.

What's The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done for a Story?

Brenda swam in the Atlantic Ocean on December 10, 2006 with the Polar Bear Club for The NY Daily News. To say it was “cold” would be an understatement.

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